A Publishing and Information Consultancy



    Brock Associates is a research, information, publishing and content development consultancy.  Director, Laurie Brock, has been involved in the information and publishing industries for over thirty-five years and has extensive experience in market research, development of both print and electronic publications as well as workshop design and facilitation.

   Brock Associates has been in business since 1991 and has worked with clients large and small from major publishing houses to local not-for-profit organizations to individual authors seeking publishing know-how.

Coordinated the development and execution of an original fiction series to celebrate the 150th ANNIVERSARY of the city of Denver, and the Rocky Mountain News 

“Laurie guided the

A Dozen on Denver effort from start to finish, bringing together key individuals from the Colorado literary community  - and the newspaper - to produce a series that was a hit with readers and satisfying for the authors.”

John Temple, former editor, president and publisher, the Rocky Mountain News


    Book Proposal Preparation  product analysis  Customer Satisfaction Studies Ethnographic interviews  Secondary research Web Content development  project management  Focus Groups  Ideation and Facilitation Writing and Editing  Trend Reports Develop Strategic Partnerships Competitive Analysis Current Awareness Services Social Networking